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Door & Gate Automation

We can offer a range of automation:


• Automate an existing opening/sliding door

• Automate an existing wooden or metal gate.

• Power assist doors with press to enter/exit or sensor to allow easy access for wheelchairs, pushchairs, hospital trolleys and to comply with DDA regulations.

• New doors and gates can be made to specification and be fully automated to suit your needs.


We can manufacture and install bespoke made doors and gates to your own requirements and design.


Please feel free to call us to discuss your options.


Regulations and testing:


Doors: Installations need to conform to BS7036, which is a regulation for safety standards.


Gates: New and existing installations must conform to EN 12445 and EN 12453, these are legal requirements that protect again personal injury.


It is also a legal requirement that gates are maintained regularly depending on the frequent of use.


We can assist with all of the above and ensure that you meet the standards.

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