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Ram Raid Protection

Ram raiding is normally the use of a van/truck/heavy plant being used to force open shutters, gates and large entrance doors.


We have 3 main ram raid solutions:


Ram raid gates:

These are heavy duty gates and posts fitted in front of roller shutters that are designed to with stand attack from a vehicle. Theses are normally locked with high security padlocks or mortice locks. They are swung out of the way for access during the day.



Ram raid posts:

These are bollards that are sunk into the ground at approximately

1 meter wide spacing. They are unlocked and manually lowered into the ground for access during the day and then manually raised and locked for night time security. They do not hinder pedestrians walking through the gaps so they are ideally suited for external parking areas, for example car showroom for courts.



Fixed barriers and posts:

These are normally Armco motorway crash barrier installed around the perimeter of a site to prevent vehicles gaining access through bushes and grassed areas etc. Fixed steel bollards are also available to prevent vehicle access but still allows free access for pedestrians.



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